Fairy Forest Screen Saver

Fairy Forest Screen Saver 1.0

Animated screensaver featuring a forest scene with fairies and other creatures
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Fairies, those lovely forest creatures, are one of the most beloved fantastic characters, and they even have given their name to an entire literary genre: the fairy tales. This screensaver offers users an animated view of an enchanted forest with fairies flying around, as well as other cute creatures like frogs and birds. It also has a nice set of music and sound effects that add to the global feeling of the program. But this is not all: the screensaver is also a simple but entertaining game, in which you can find hidden objects. Simply press the "I" key and the silhouette of several objects would appear; then you can touch them with the cursor which transforms automatically into a magic wand that would make the complete objects to appear. Maybe, the only disadvantage of this otherwise excellent program is the fact that you need to install the InstallQ Manager, which shows several software and games offers during the installation of the program. You can decline the offers, though, and still enjoying the screensaver. If you or your children love fairies, then you all will enjoy this screensaver.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Requires you to install an installation manager
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